One Week

As if dieting wasn’t hard enough, today I have been assaulted.

First, free Starburst jelly beans.

Then, free chocolate zucchini bread.

And last, but most certainly not least: Free Cadbury Mini-Eggs.

It’s like the world wants me to fail.

… and it was really hard to not pick up a mini-egg as I walked by.


Today marks the eighth day of my program, and the aforementioned first day of “Boundless Energy and dreaming of food.” Let me be frank, I do NOT have boundless energy. If anything, I am a little lethargic, or lack-luster, if you may. I am looking forward to my dreams of Twinkies and Ho-hos tonight, and wouldn’t be opposed to a re-visit from Billy Clinton to help me eat those delicacies.

This weekend proved a major challenge, as I was traveling. Jason was running a half-marathon in Brunswick, ME and we decided to make a weekend of it and visit Portland. We did major planning: we researched restaurants that had vegan and gluten-free options, I brought along two protein shakes for breakfasts and we walked walked walked.

Saturday started out well enough: shakes, green apple for a snack, and a visit to an awesome restaurant that specialized in gluten-free and vegan options (and still had meat and cheese for the masses). I was feeling good. We settled down to a seafood dinner after walking for several hours. I had check out the menu earlier and knew I was going to have to slip up, but that’s ok! I’m allowed a cheat, right? Well… I ended up indulging myself in a Maple Manhattan (I mean, how can you not?), noshed on a little bread, ate 4 whole bites of mashed potatoes, and shared a dessert with Jason. The verdict? Dessert and drink was totes worth it. (The meal itself was mediocre –  they put this weird creamy mustard vinaigrette on my scallops, which was just strange – luckily they piled my plate high with asparagus which was delicious with the sauce.)

I felt it the next morning though (and said so out loud, to which Jason rolled his eyes at me…. Jerkface.) I did my best for the rest of the day – straying at lunch (cheese on an egg and cheese on gluten-free bread, and getting half way through a cup of tomato soup before i realized it had cream in it) and making a great dinner at home. I felt good when I went to sleep and was looking forward to my first official weigh-in.


This morning I stepped on the scale, and according to that stupid piece of crap, I’ve gained 4 lbs this week. I’m thinking that can’t possibly be right. I’ve made a decision to avoid looking at the scale again until I’m closer to the end of the program. If only for my sanity. (I just discovered this awesome article on why this is the right decision.)

So now begins my second week in the program. Wafting in from the other room is the smell of delicious turkey chili that Jason made, along with some organic baked sweet potato fries. We’re getting the hang of what I can and cannot eat (polenta? YES PLEASE) and I think it’s going to only get better from here. Tomorrow: pizza made with gluten-free crust and vegan cheese? That might just happen.


3 thoughts on “One Week

  1. I agree with the article – avoid scales like the plague (I like the idea of weighing just weekly or even monthly, at most)! It sounds like you are doing great so far. The first week is always the hardest!

    Can’t wait to hear about that vegan, GF pizza! I’ve yet to attempt gluten-free crust, but I’ve been gradually trying to cut out most, if not all, gluten. Daiya brand cheese is AMAZING if you are making this yourself. Trader Joe’s sells a fake mozzarella, but I find it’s only good in pasta dishes, not on a pizza.

    • I considered making it myself, but I don’t have the proper mixer to make dough right now… Naked Pizza makes a gluten free crust and offers daiya cheese, so I’m doing it. My program stipulates the elimination of soy, which this crust has, but oh well.

      I aimed to weigh myself once a week, but I might just forget about it until the end of my program. Jason pointed out several reasons why my weight looked so high, one being that I did not drink nearly enough water this weekend and the other being that it’s almost lady time.

      I’ll let you know how the pizza is!!

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