Three Down & One to Go…

I just started my fourth and final week of the 30 Days to Feeling Fit and gotta be honest: I feel pretty fantastic. I haven’t been super true to the program – all three weekends have found me indulging in a drink or two, and weekends have also lead me astray a little bit with food. But overall I’ve been very good – not only am I sticking to the plan at least five days of the week, but I’ve also been working out like crazy and staying under 1250 calories a day. I decided to weigh myself this morning and was pretty gleeful to see a 5 lb weight loss (then less so when my “double-check” weigh-in 10 seconds later said I lost nothing. Pretty sure my scale is evil. In fact, scale is getting thrown away tonight. Bitch scale.)

This week was a rough one. I’m proud of myself for not straying from the plan because I was stressed (although Friday night I did have a glass of wine at dinner after the lock-down was lifted). Instead of eating my feelings, I used my plan as a point of focus to distract myself from what was going on. I started running again and used those few minutes a day to de-stress and run off my worries. It’s been a good move for me, both physically and mental-health wise.

Since I have limited time left on my restricted diet, I’ve started to contemplate what I want to do when it’s over. I decided to order more protein powder, energy fizzes and fit chews. I hope to incorporate these supplements into my regular routine, and continue dropping my excess weight. I plan to take what I have learned about portion sizes, healthy food choices and will power and apply it to my everyday life. When I started this journey way back in the spring of 2012, I wanted to lost 23 lbs to get down to a healthy BMI weight. I am half way there, and I think I can make it.

The support I have received from friends has been incredible. People changing their diets for meals together, forgoing a drink as to not tempt me, and just reminding me I’m awesome – it’s been really great. The host of my book group this month has emailed me multiple times to make sure I can eat whatever she is making (Kelley, you’re the best!) I will admit, there are a few people who have been less than supportive – not like “this is stupid, why are you doing this”, but just not even asking me about it or checking in, or remembering that I’m doing the program. Yes, I know. It is not the responsibility of my friends to remember everything I do, but I do write many blog entries and tweets about this so it seems hard to not know. But that’s ok. I don’t need everyone’s support. I am doing this for myself, not for them.

I hope the remainder of this month goes smoothly, and I am hoping that I manage to drop a few more l-bs by the end. I really hope I can keep this going and get myself on a truly healthy path. I’ll see you guys at the end.

(Ok I will probably see you sooner, as I hope to actually start writing in this more. Ahem.)


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