Le Fin

Yesterday was the last day of my weight loss program. It was anti-climactic. Which, honestly, I preferred because then today felt so perfectly normal. I did my normal morning and lunch routine, and then made a delicious bolognese with grass fed beef, organic marinara sauce and brown rice pasta, accompanied by a side of roasted asparagus. Something I would actually eat normally.

I got up this morning, eager to do my final weigh in and check my final measurements. I had been so good that past week, not cheating once and drinking so much water I probably had enough to fill a swimming pool.

So the final numbers? Well, for those of you won’t don’t read my twitter or Facebook: I lost 6.8 lbs, 2 inches around my waist and 2 inches around my hips. I think that’s some really nice numbers, even if I was hoping to lose more weight. Plus, we all know my scale is evil so it could just be lying to me and really I lost like 20 lbs.

I’ll be taking away a lot from this program. I learned better ways to portion my plates. I discovered newer and healthier foods and alternative ways to cook my favorite foods. I cut of caffeine entirely and don’t really miss it (though I had a cup of coffee this morning and it was pretty delicious). I have realized how dairy and gluten affect my body, and have decided to limit my intake going forward so I can stay at my best. I learned that I don’t have to have a glass of wine or a cocktail after a long, terrible day – instead I just need some good company or a quiet hour to relax.

But what I really learned from all this was that I can stay on track and still indulge. I can eat really good food that’s not really bad for me. I can have a glass of wine and not have a second. It’s all about self control and smart choices. And I plan to continue making those smart choices.

The hardest part is going to be getting back to normal. I woke up this morning and realized that I didn’t have much in the apartment to make for lunch, and I didn’t want to buy lunch. So I brought a shake and left over roasted asparagus. I had a shake for breakfast (as planned). I don’t know if I will have time to go grocery shopping after work, so I will probably be having a shake tomorrow. It’s just so easy and simple! And it tastes good.

So this is the end. I mean, you’ll still see real writing here and perhaps the occasional diatribe about how I think I have body dysmorphia and will never be happy with the way I look. It’s bound to happen (plus those are like, WAY better written). But for right now, I am done and will leave you with my favorite weight loss thought:

“Don’t forget, you are what you eat.” “I need to eat a skinny person.”


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