Au Revoir!

I am absolutely the worst at keeping any writing journal up to date, whether it be this lovely online blog, or my own personal hand written one. And now I am headed off to Paris for a week. So I thought, what better way to keep track of my amazing trip than to blog about it every evening? So here I am.

Of course, I make no promises to actually write. I will be bringing my computer, but I may not feel like detailing my trip. Or, I may be too busy being romantical with my boyfriend to remember to write. But, my dear readers, I will try.

We leave for Paris at 9pm tonight. I had planned to take a half day at work then come home and pack. I went to work and immediately thought, what the eff am I doing here?, and so wrapped up my stuff and headed home. I was expecting to have the apartment to myself, but imagine my surprise when I put my key in the door and it’s already unlocked! When I get inside, I notice that the bathroom light is on. I peak in to discover that I am indeed alone at home, and my bathtub has been ripped apart!

See, my landlord had agreed to have someone come in while we were gone and replace our faucet and tiles (mold issues). Except, he misunderstood and thought we’d be gone today and scheduled them. They’re not only fixing my bathroom, but the neighbor’s and putting in a washer and dryer. 

So when I get home, he is nowhere to be seen and my apartment is wide open to the world. I lock the door and use the bathroom super quickly, in case he comes back. After almost 45 minutes and no sign of the man, I call my landlord and ripped him a new one. He kept calling me Katie, so I couldn’t even take a single word he said seriously. I tell him that leaving my apartment unlocked and the lights blazing is unacceptable and he tells me that it’s how things work and I have to deal with it. But he also calls the repair guy and tells him not to do that again.

Of course, the repair guy shows up and is like, super amazingly sweet and totally unaware that we had zero idea he’d be there. So we laugh it off, I assure him I am not a mean person, and he promises to keep me in the loop about when the water is getting turned off. He also promises to be more aware with the lights and front door. Cool.

I’ve been home for over 3 hours now, and there has been no other work done to my apartment. Boy, am I glad that we are going away because there is no way this would have been done in a day and we wouldn’t have a place to shower. Way to go landlord!

This is a lovely send off for me, if I do say so myself. I need to get back to packing now, or cleaning or something more productive that typing away here. I promise to do my best to write to you from Paris…


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