A (not-so) quick recap of where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing…

It has been weeks since I have updated this thing, but I have an excuse! I have been very busy doing stuff! Or watching re-runs of Greek on Netflix, whatever. I’ll see if I can do a short recap of what I’ve been up to…

July 25-27: Jason headed to the Cape for a Guy’s Weekend and I shopped too much. I hit up this amazing sidewalk sale at a local boutique, as well as the local bookstore and I got a lot of cute things for next to nothing. I also went to the movies on Sunday morning, to see Begin Again. It was lovely and musical and I was surprised that Keira Knightley could sing. I immediately went home and downloaded the soundtrack.

August 1: I got my hair cut, and decided to go the faux hawk route. It was a daring decision but one I do not regret, even though my mother and sister both hate it and aren’t shy about saying it over and over again. I’m still adjusting to it, but I feel sort of bad ass. It is changing my personal style a little, but maybe that’s also because I am almost 30 and it’s time to change it up. After my hair cut, Jason and I headed to the Planetarium at the Museum of Science. We had been hoping to go for years now, so were both really excited to go! The show was both educational and amusing. I highly recommend checking it out. Afterwards, we had an early dinner and then decided to catch a showing of Magic in the Moonlight, the new Woody Allen movie. It was delightful and cute.

August 2-3: Jason and I attended a HUGE surprise party in NY to celebrate my childhood best friend, Jessica, turning 30. It was really nice to catch up with her and her family, drink really good beer, and indulge in the biggest smoked pig I have ever seen. It was awesome. We headed back to Boston the next morning and met up with Michelle and Maurice for fried clams and ice cream at Wollaston Beach. It was a little too cold to be on the water, but damn fried clams are delicious.

August 6: We finally made it to the MFA! We had been trying to go for over a month and wanted to get there before the end of August, when the Magna Carta display is over. We started out buy having dinner at one of the mid-range restaurants… it left us wanting more. The food was decent, but the service was pretty poor and the waiter never once refilled my water or asked if I wanted more wine. And they forgot to give us bread! However, we weren’t there for the food, but the art. We enjoyed the Magna Carta exhibit – it was really neat to see such a substantial piece of history in the flesh. It was hard to get close though, as this young teenage boy was literally leaning his head against the glass, trying to read it. The exhibit also included furniture and art work from the same time period. After the Magna Carta we explored some earlier American work, then checked out an exhibit on WWI propaganda posters from all over the work. Very cool, and my second favorite of the night. We, of course, visited the Impressionists and the rest of the Americas but then I started to get tired, so we decided to leave. After a fruitful visit to the gift shop, we stumbled across the work of Jamie Wyeth, who I am a little obsessed with now. Sadly, we came across the exhibit just as the museum was closing, so we had to leave. I hope to go back!

Self portrait of the artist

August 8: Jason and I treated ourselves to a fancy viewing of Guardians of the Galaxy. We went to the Superlux, which has assigned seats, full meals, alcohol, and waiters. The food was surprisingly great, and the cocktails were divine. The only downfall of having a waiter during a film is that they walk in front of you, or interrupt during climactic scenes. The movie was fantastic though – we are still talking about how much we liked it weeks later. It brought together all the best elements that superhero movies try to invoke: amusement, romance, action, adventure, and a little sorrow. Go see it.

August 9: Recently my friend Monica and her husband bought a house, so they decided to throw a little housewarming. It was a nice day full of really good food (Monica is an incredible chef) and cocktails. After the house warming party, Mich and my friend Marissa came back to my apartment to kill time before Marissa’s birthday party. We drank this awful rum sparkler drink I had purchased on a whim (note to reader: do not buy the Malibu Rum Sparklers that come in a champagne bottle. GROSS.) The three of us and Jason piled onto the T, slightly tipsy and ready to party. Marissa’s party was at Sacco’s & Flatbreads, this awesome duck pin bowling alley with an awesome pizza restaurant inside. The food was SO GOOD (ratatouille pizza!) and the beer was flowing. Turns out that I’m not that bad at duck pin bowling, once I stop trying so hard.

August 10: Jason, his mother Renie, and I got up early and headed to Mt. Moosilauke in NH for our biggest hike yet. The mountain is 4802′ elevation. It was a lot harder than I was prepared for (considering I had been out later drinking and eating pizza), but we handled it like champs. The views from the top were just incredible. We somehow managed to do 7 miles in a little over 5 hours. Jason made sure to point out all the bird noises. We met a lot of dogs, including one good boy that pretty much wanted to come home with us. We rounded out the day with ice cream – and it doesn’t get much better than that.

This is the tallest I will ever be.

August 13-17: Jason and I were supposed to join my family at our summer house, Cubs Cove, in Speculator, NY. Alas, Pickwick decided that the previous weekend was the ideal time to get sick. After a lot of vet consultations, it was determined that she was suffering from E. coli and a yeast infection in her ears. With a medicine routine involving both twice daily pills and twice daily ear drops, we couldn’t very well ask a friend to watch over her. Jason insisted that I go onto Speculator without him, and I went begrudgingly. The few days I was up there were beautiful, although not terribly eventful. One day, maybe soon, I will write about the house and it’s history. The basics: it’s a large un-insulated cabin on a lake built around 1903, that sleeps nearly 2 dozen people comfortably and has a big moose head over the fireplace (his name is Ernest). My mom’s family bought it in 1968 or so, and we’ve spent every summer up there. Our visit this year was a bit chilly (the temperature rarely made it above 65 degrees), but it was still a blast. I went (polar bear) swimming every morning, baked cookies and biscuits, made chicken wing dip and ice cream, and indulged in lots of gin and tonics and NYS wine. We went to a HUGE craft fair to benefit the thrift shop my grandmother helps operate, where I bought some jewelry, smoked cheese curds, and multiple gifts for my mom. On Saturday Mom and I adventured over to the new antique shop – it was full over gorgeous but overpriced furniture and piles of vintage glassware. I was in thrifters heaven, but due to a lack of house refrained from buying an antique writing desk. We did leave with a lace table cloth, a Derringer gun pendant, weird fold up glasses, and some other strange things – all for $8. It was a steal. The rest of my time there was filled with ice cream, board games, drinking, and a roaring fire in the fireplace. Needless to say, I didn’t really want to go home.

Obligatory picture from the front porch.

August 21: Jason and I went to the movies AGAIN and saw the film CalvaryCalvary is about an Irish priest (Brendan Gleeson) trying to get his life together while he prepares for his (promised) murder by a mystery man. The movie is dark and emotional, and some parts were laugh out loud funny. The performances were absolutely fantastic ( Chris O’Dowd and Dylan Moran in serious roles are something else) and the scenery, OH the scenery. It made me miss being in Ireland so much. This might have been the best movie I saw all summer.

August 23: On top of still dealing with E. coli, Pick has now developed a kitty-cold. She is sneezing her face off every few minutes. It was so bad at one point that she kept both of us awake most of the night. More medicine!

August 24: Hey, that’s today! Jason and I found a book at Brookline Booksmith (shop local) yesterday, featuring 60 hikes in the Greater Boston Area. We wanted to get out and about today without doing anything far away or really hard (we’re saving that for next week!) so we decided to try out a 5.2 mile loop at the Middlesex Fells. The hike was considered moderate – it made a nice long loop around three reservoirs crossing through Winchester, Stoneham, and Medford. There isn’t much to say about it except that it took us a little under the predicted 3 hours, and we would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a good cross country hike. The trail was relatively quiet, although it intersects with a lot of other, more active trails, and is also used in parts by mountain bikers. There is a dog park at the beginning of the trail, next to a picnic area, and there were a lot of dogs, so it must be the place to go. After our hike, we popped over to REI, where I finally invested in my own day pack and good hiking pants. Autumn hikes here we come!

Looking east, towards the southern tip of the southern reservoir.
Looking east, towards the southern tip of the southern reservoir.

And that leaves us here, with me writing this entry and you reading it. Jason is seconds away from starting his NFL Fantasy draft (his other one sadly missed because we messed up the dates) and I am about to go make us some dark and stormy’s and settle into another episode of Greek. Keep an eye out for another entry soon; I am working on expanding beyond “doing stuff,” especially as the summer wanes and our activities become few and far between. 

Next week’s activities: Paint Nite with Mich, Sarah D, and Kelley! Hiking LaFayette in NH (10 miles roundtrip)! Possible cookout at Renie’s house!


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