And Now We Are Thirty.

Hello, Dear Readers, I’m sorry that it has been over two months since I’ve allowed myself to sit down and write. I’ve had the time, sort of – Gilmore Girls started streaming on Netflix on October 1, so I’ve been a bit distracted.

Really though, I have been busy; spending time with Jason, catching up on reading, working, hosting my brother for a week, and seeing my friends. Over the past two months I’ve joined a new gym (and started seeing a personal trainer), gone apple picking and wine tasting, had dinner with an author, went to two author signings, ran a 5K, celebrated a friend’s birthday with a book swap, went to two trade shows, celebrated 5 years of the Beantown Book Club, tried clam chowder for the first time, took Jason on a birthday Boston brewery tour, got a faux hawk (and dyed it purple), visited Napa for the first time (and bought 17 bottles of wine), hosted a Murder Mystery birthday party with my bestie Michers, and nursed the longest cold of my life.

OH! And turned THIRTY.

At my party this weekend, my friend James asked what I was putting on my bucket list, now that I was old. I hadn’t really thought about it, to be honest. I was focusing on just getting rid of my gray hairs and excess chub. But now that a list had been suggested, I decided to make some goals, similar to my “Doin’ Stuff!” goal from this summer.

So now, Dear Readers, I propose to you: Emily’s 30 New Things at 30.

During the next year, my goal is to try 30 new things, whether it be food, drink, activities, hair styles – you name it, and I am going to try it.

I began my journey yesterday, exactly one week into my 30th year. (In reality, I probably did a bunch of stuff in that week that might have worked in this challenge: I didn’t get wasty face drunk at my party, I pressed 65 lbs, etc. But that’s neither here nor there.) For my birthday, I received a bottle of gin from Michers and some gorgeous coupe/cocktail glasses from my friend Monica. As most of you know, I am an avid gin drinker, but most of my gin drinking involves mixing it with tonic or lots of lemon. So goal number one was born: learn to drink martinis


So, last night I pulled out the New Amsterdam gin, vermouth, olives stuffed with garlic, and a shaker. I dug up a recipe entitled “World’s Best Martini” (which did look promising). I chilled my fancy coupe glass (I did get martini glasses for the wedding, but alas, they are at my MIL’s house). I measured out my ingredients, added some ice, shook it up, and poured into the chilled glass… took a sip… O-M-G delicious. I made what I guess is considered a “dirty martini” since I got a little olive juice in the drink, and it was delightful.

I plan to try it many ways: clean, with a twist, with onion; with different kinds of gin; but never with vodka. Not my thing. I’m looking forward to discovering what I like best.

I am slowing building my list for the remaining 29 items. So far they include: buy a house, start volunteering (I just signed up as a volunteer at the French Cultural Society of Boston), drink all the wine we bought in Napa (kidding, that’s not a real challenge), and um, actually I don’t have any more yet! But stay tuned for 29 more exciting things that I am experiencing for the first time!

And, if anyone wants to go out for martinis and oysters, just give me a call.


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