Thoughts I had while reading a Baby-Sitters Club book, as an adult

– This font is really big.

– It must take Stacey forever to write if she puts hearts over every single “i”.

– These girls really like emphasizing words.

– “[Claudia] is a really sophisticated dresser: for example that day she was wearing a lacey white top over a solid white bodysuit.” Yes, sophistication is also the word I use for bodysuits.

– These girls sure talk to themselves a lot. I have never opened a box while alone and said “A-HA!”

– How is it acceptable to hire 11 year olds to babysit 10 year olds?

– They sure eat a lot of crackers without cheese. WHERE IS THE CHEESE?

– Seriously, did Stoneybrook ban cheese?

– Girls, just tie up Jackie Rodowsky when sitting and call it a day.

– It must be really inconvenient for the parents to have to wait until a meeting to request a baby sitter.

– They sure wear a lot of jumpsuits.

– Mary Anne and Logan are the worst couple. They don’t even hang out.

– WAIT. Dawn and her mom like to eat healthy food? (Health-i-os? REALLY ANN M. MARTIN?)

– I love the idea that the girls sit around their meetings eating bon-bons.

– Bart Simpson was just referenced as “a real person.” Yeah, ok.

–  So they’re painting “realistic” historical figures, and using bright yellow paint. Sure, why not.


– No seriously, I have never kicked over a can of paint in my life.

– Ok, now they’re having a paint fight in MARY ANNE’S DEN. Her dad is going to be so pissed.

– So they’re all covered in paint but their cutouts are ok? World’s Most Controlled Paint Fight.

– Logan taking off his shirt makes his girlfriend blush. He is 13 years old, Ann M. Martin. Stop sexualizing him.

– JK JK if this was written now, they’d be sleeping together.

– Note to self: don’t trust 11 year olds to hold eggs. They will surely drop them.

– A 13 year old babysitter is not an acceptable replacement for a parent at a parent-child picnic.

– AMM worked really hard to give everyone in town very unique names.

– Why would a census taker need to make an appointment? Not a thing, AMM.

– Emily Michelle is the best name ever.

– Ann M. Martin was big on divorced and mixed families. For real, I think Claudia is the only member with a normal family and non-divorced parents.

– Kristy has a hard time complimenting other people on having good ideas, cause she’s the idea person? Whatta jerk.


– I really don’t think someone in the 19th century would have moved across the world because a small town, in which she knew no one, need a hat maker.

– I do not miss having to decipher all the different handwriting.

– Damn you Kristy and your wild schemes to raise money. CAN IT.

– Mary Anne is justifying going out with another boy cause “his grandmother wanted him to.” YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND. MA you are a slut.

– I’m sorry MA. I didn’t mean it. You’re perfect.


– Seriously guys, just lock Jackie Rodowsky in a room and throw away the key.

– According to the author’s bio, Ann M. Martin likes ice cream and I Love Lucy. My kind of lady.


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