’twas a good year!


I have been a very bad blogger as of late, but I can’t end this year without saying a few words about this incredible year.

This year was one of the best I’ve had in my life (even if the rest of world had a pretty lousy one). This year, I:

  • went to Mexico!
  • hiked, hiked, and hiked some more
  • turned THIRTY!
  • learned to love martinis!
  • traveled to England (post to come)!
  • (bought a house! sort of. more to come, shhhh)

I am excited for 2015 because:

  • I get to celebrate the marriages of TWO couples (Yay, Justin and Sabrina! Yay, Jacy and Nick!)
  • We’re moving!!! (more to come, shhhhh)
  • I am going to drink ALL the gin. (while learning to make martinis, of course)
  • I am going to hike even MORE.
  • I am going to run 2 5Ks. At least that is what I just decided. This exact minute.
  • We’ll probably get to go on some sort of awesome vacation. Maybe.

My hope is that 2015 brings me good things in addition to my above goals – I want to write more, I want to lose that weight I’ve been promising to lose, I want to finally learn to sew, and learn to knit. I want to bake bread and throw elaborate dinner parties. I want to read as many books as I can (but I am forgoing the Goodreads challenge, sort of). I want to learn to run a 10 minute mile. I want to remember to send cards for every birthday and return phone calls and visit the people I love!

I am not one to make resolutions; every year I try, and every year I fail. So instead, I am just giving my self some hoped goals (mixed in with the things I know are going to happen) and we’ll see where I land.

Have a safe and fun night tonight, fellow celebratory people! I hope you get to ring in the new year with the people you love.

See you next year!


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