Every year around my birthday I promise myself that I am going to do and try lots of new things before my next birthday (and last year, promised to write about it here).

Every year about a month before my birthday I realize that I didn’t do a thing.

That’s not totally true; I have done a lot this year. I just didn’t write about it.

Since I turned 30 I have: mastered the art of the martini, learned some DIY skills, bought a house, read a lot of books, wrote a short story, shaved (most of) my head, learned to live without an oven for 2 months, and so much more. But I didn’t do as much as I wanted, so this time I am going to stick by my goals.

Before I turn 32 (in 2016) I want to: learn to play guitar, run a 10K, cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner, and write something of significance. That’s not too hard to do, right?

With a month left before my 31st birthday, I feel like I should set myself a few goals. I thought about doing 29 things in 29 days, but is that a lot to ask? What if, instead, I think of a few things to accomplish but then give myself the task of 32 things to do before I turn 32. I can do that, right?

Have any suggestions, leave ’em here and I’ll see if I can work them into my plan.

As for the next 29 days, I guess my goals are simple: eat well, drink less, workout, read and get myself prepared for 12 months of meeting my goals.


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