Allons-y, 2016!

Bonne année mon amis, et bonne santé!

I should probably write the typical resolution filled blog post, along with apologies for never writing and promises (resolutions, if you must) to write more regularly. But I am not someone who embraces the resolution as a yearly thing, and mostly just take advantage of having to learn to write a different year to also learn to do things better.

Fine, fine. I make “resolutions.”

This past year was quite good to me; I am lucky. I bought a house, and even though the process of renovating the house was filled with drama and stress: I am living in a house that I bought with my husband. That is a blessing. I got a new job; one that will challenge me and make me work harder, but one that will allow me to have more time, ultimately, with my friends and family. For the first time ever I bought a car! I’ve had cars before, but this was the first time that I picked one out and paid for it. I discovered Doctor Who! And yes that sounds silly on this list, but oh, how this show has affected me deeply. (It’s almost embarrassing.)

This past year has been good to me through my friends as well: my best friend got engaged (to one of my favorite people ever, let me add); several others announced pregnancies or had beautiful, wonderful babies; friends got new jobs, new homes, got engaged to or married the love of their life. My mother-in-law adopted two perfect cats, and my other best friend took in a wonderful dog.

And yes, this past year has been rough. I’ve had several friends dealing with some pretty heavy stuff (two words: fuck cancer). My grandma was admitted into the hospital on Christmas Eve, and while she’s out of the woods right now, it was pretty touch and go for the last week, and they’re still not sure how long she has left. Not to mention our house drama (which it nothing, when you think about it) and the fact that I have gained nearly 40 lbs in a year, and don’t feel like myself.

So 2016 has so much potential to be the best year ever, you guys. This is the year that I am going to read 100 books, learn to crochet AND knit, write stories, drink lots of gin, learn to love running, cook more, lose that weight, watch my best friend marry her soulmate (kidding, I’m her soulmate), welcome new babies into my life, start writing letters to friends, hike some crazy high mountain that I never thought possible, kayak in the ocean (why not?), kick ass in my new job, and just be awesome. (And I promise to complete my 32 things by the time I am 32.)

I want to be more in the moment.

So, in the words of my favorite Doctor (the 10th, played by David Tennant):



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