Doing Stuff!

So as most of you know, I got married a little over three weeks ago. YAY! Huzzah! *confetti cannon*

It was a lovely day. And the last twenty-three days have been pretty lovely.

But I don’t want to get too comfortable in my wedded bliss. Now that I don’t have a wedding to plan, I fear that I will find myself doing a whole lotta nothing, or being anti-social, or watching too much Law & Order: SVU. Or all of those. It’s bound to happen, because as extroverted as I am, I am an introverted home-body at heart; my perfect summer day would consist of a comfy chair, a pile of books, and an unlimited supply of rhubarb flavored alcohol. In the winter, the same except red wine instead of rhubarb. And honestly, if SVU is on – I want it playing in the background.

This isn’t to say that I am lazy – on the contrary, I enjoy going to yoga, and running, and hitting the gym a few times a week. But these are also somewhat solitary activities. I do go to bookclub (which involves drinking and books, so there we go) but some months, that is the extent of my socialization. I’ve looked at my calendar more than once to notice that it was strangely empty, considering I have lots of friends and a sister who lives locally (editor’s note: my sister no longer lives locally. She moved on Friday. The jerk.)

Where was I going with this? Right, yes.

Doing Stuff.

Ah, Doing Stuff. The mantra of the summer of 2012, in which my siblings, Jason, and I realized that all the pictures of us taken that year were of us lounging around. So we did a bunch of stuff and would shout out “DOIN’ STUFF!” regularly as if to remind us that we were being more active that usual. That was a good summer.

So I’ve decided to repeat this mantra, and get myself out and about this summer. After a disastrous hike in 2011 (or 2012, we can’t remember), I basically decided that I would never, ever, hike again – unless I was forced to or if there was ice cream at the top. Much to Jason’s surprise, when he suggested that we attempt a hike this summer I said, “Let’s do it. I’ll go buy proper footwear.” AND THEN I DID.

On Saturday, Jason and I drove up to Hanover, NH, to hike a very small piece of the Appalachian Trail. And when I say small I mean less than 2 miles there and back, and about an hour on foot, including our “rest” at the mid-point. However, it felt glorious. The boots totally made a difference! I mean, I thought they would make it better, but this was incredible. I was actually ENJOYING myself! I took several selfies in which I did not have to fake smiling. By the time we were halfway back to Boston I had decided that we must hike again, and soon.

And we are! This weekend we’ll be heading back up to NH to hike [part of] Mt. Kearsarge with our friend Rob. Guys. This is two hikes in eight days. I am an animal.

In addition to planning hikes (and I am positive there will be several more over the next few months), Jason and I have been trying to plan intellectual adventures as well. This summer we’ll be visiting the Emily Dickinson Museum and the planetarium at the Museum of Science. We’ll be going to the Adirondacks for our annual jaunt, and I’m hoping to have a museum filled weekend with my sister (if she ever gets to visit). We’re going to NYC on July 5th to see family and catch a Mets game. We’re looking into a couple 5Ks in August and September. I’m going to make a conscious effort to see my friends more, get my reading back on track, and keep this blog up to date.

And lucky you, readers. You’ll get to read all about it (or so I hope – let’s see if I can keep this up) as I use this blog to document my adventures as a newly married woman. Marriage itself is an adventure, I’m just adding to the fun.Image


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